Monday, November 28, 2011

She My Past ... &hearts and i still erm...

Never Ever Forget
Ini dia someone i know 2 years sbelum ni ..

ermmmm i use to like her before ...dunno how to say , kami pernah sama2 tapi sekijap shak maybe around 1 month seja ..huhu i dont what should i call that ,love? i dont know ...but how ever she was a kind girl, soft spoken i think never heard her voice 2 years before until this year , she repost her new guitar cover, well she kind look so adorable including her voice :p
and now we are friend seem she never remember me in 2 years past... i cant do anything to make her remember me just a few memories picture i use to keep it .. hope she can feel what i feel it now.... well what i feel now she just accept me as her friend ... and i do respect her and accept everything she say and decide :)

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