Monday, November 28, 2011

She My Past ... &hearts and i still erm...

Never Ever Forget
Ini dia someone i know 2 years sbelum ni ..

ermmmm i use to like her before ...dunno how to say , kami pernah sama2 tapi sekijap shak maybe around 1 month seja ..huhu i dont what should i call that ,love? i dont know ...but how ever she was a kind girl, soft spoken i think never heard her voice 2 years before until this year , she repost her new guitar cover, well she kind look so adorable including her voice :p
and now we are friend seem she never remember me in 2 years past... i cant do anything to make her remember me just a few memories picture i use to keep it .. hope she can feel what i feel it now.... well what i feel now she just accept me as her friend ... and i do respect her and accept everything she say and decide :)

Si Small Amoi Sumandak ...

This My lil Cute Amoi Sister XD ♥

Slalu kasi semangat saia ,
Tiap kali sedih,
Tiap kali rindu,
Naaa dia larh tempat saia bergila juak haha
Sayang ko adik, inda bro lupa ma you kay ♥ :D

Ni larh Bestie kU Di FB , Sumandak Hardcore ni...

EnnaChabey Littletiny'LemonadePopsickle | Friend Will Never End

TheGetToKnowMeWellDotComDotMy_ennachabeyLEMONADEPOPSiCKLE 100%

✔ The name is Enna Chabey Shahzriennah. You can call me E N N A :) 18 in age this 2011.
✔ You will have never met someone like me before.
✔ Ive been influenced by alot of things.
✔ I dont do drugs because i have seen what getting addicted to them will do to you. But that doesnt mean im not going to experiment.
✔ I smoke cigarettes because they are nice, but again. that doesnt mean im not going to stop ONE day.
✔ Im a Virgin, not a slut. But im not planning on being a virgin until im maried.
I dont want to see your dick/boobs/vag. and im not sending you nudez. So dont ask.
✔ Im not a horror movie lovers. I HATE Ghost. But i like watching Ghost Hunter. lol
✔ I sing at the top of my lungs even though im not the best singer.
✔ I dance like no ones watching.
✔ I dont fit a stereotype.
✔ Im smart but i dont try. I dress like me. My sister calls me goth my friends call me emo. when they ask which one is it i shrug and walk away.
✔ I have ADD so im random.
✔ I can be passive agressive so i wont tell u if u piss me off.
✔ I dont spell all my wordz rite. but i shure as hell spell come every time right.
✔ I say : Grrr. Rawr. Nom Nom. Aiyerr. Lol and etc. LOL. see?
and other childish things. If you dont like it, your loss.
✔ My best friends are not always the same age as me.
✔ Im stubborn. so u cant change me.
✔ Im STRAIGHT, so if you have a problem with that, or are homophobic!
✔ I like hearing about others problems because it distracts me from mine.
✔ If you message me, I shall try my hardest to respond.
But dont just ask for my MSN or any email of mine on the first message. I want to at least have a conversation first.
✔ Im going to be 18 on April 21st. (yay!).
✔ Im not the most mature person you will ever meet, but random conversations can sometimes be the best.
✔ I dont dumb things down.
✔ I read alot, so i know some big words. If you dont know what im saying, look it up.
✔ I read books about cats living in the forest and they are amazing.
✔ This book is the only book that has ever made me cry. Erin hunter is a genius.
✔ I listen to Back Veils Bride. I think they are the most amazing artists there has ever been, and that they have amazing voices, and I dont know where i would be if i didnt have my iPod.
✔ I rarely PM people, but only if i like talking to you.
My Best friend here are from around the world. And i LOVE them all. seriously.
✔ I have a Groups here : LegendaryEminent Main Page && Sacrosanct Bachelors.
✔ Im a Muslim, and i dont have other beliefs.
✔ I believe in magic, so im a little Wiccan.
*Wicca has NOTHING to do with Satan.
*Wicca is about the earth and all its creatures.
✔ I understand that everyone has their own views about what happens after life, but what i dont understand is why most people are afraid to die?
*I believe that once our dead, you just cease to exist. But heyy whatever floats your boat.
✔ I have a YouTube account and it lets be myself.
✔ One day i hope to have 3 helix piercings, 2 eyebrow, bridge, snake bit piercings, even thou' its a NO from my parents. lol
✔ Im not perfect but I am an ORIGINAL, you will never find another like me.
*If you try, you will be searching forever.
✔ Lastly, im a VERY NICE PERSON. LIKE one any of my statuses, i'll LIKE all of yours. Remember that.

I started in this place we call earth on April 21st 1993.
I'm not here to please anyone, I'm not here to impress.
Knowing people, only about 10% of you well actually read this.
If you do read this, that great, shows you might have an ounce of decency.
If not, don't even bother to message or talk to me, your not worth it.
For the most part, I'm easy to please. But I'm not what you call,normal.
My mom even told me so, I'm strange, That is who i choose to be.
Some people might say that life is a journey to find yourself.
And experience what is out there. One thing i believe in strongly is.
Love has no gender, non whatsoever. It doesn't matter to me, never will.
The longer i stay in this place, this town. the more i begin to hate.
The people., seem to be self centered, smokers, drinkers, attention seekers.
This is something i choose not to be apart of. I'm not dragging myself into that.
But, its up to you if you do drugs and drink, i see no need for it.
Therefore,. i don't have many friends. I want to get out of here.
Meet people so aren't like that, even though i know there will be some.
Anywhere i go. Ive been therapy, I think its worthless. I don't care for it.
As i said before, I'm easily pleased, i have what i need.
So, now i try to give to others who are in need, especially, if its doing.
something they love, i want to help them fulfill their dream.
Not to mention, i want to prove people wrong, i want to make something out of myself.
I want to make people smile. even if its the simplest thing.
I have a soft caring heart, but you have to be willing to Give a little back.
I have things that irritates me, I have emotions, Hate, and disgust,who doesn't?
I once had someone close to me say "i wish there were more people like you".
and that opened my mind,. that maybe, I' not such a bad person.I
i think i know who i am.
And this is who I'm going to stay.



p/s : Sayang ko babe , harap satu hari kita jumpa , we do all crazy thing haha !!!

Friday, November 25, 2011


muktamat sudah inda lae aku balik ma kau.... if akan pun mungkin makan masa yg lama.... sehingga ko jadi seseorang yg btol2 faham diri aku.... sakit hati aku sampai mati aku ingat ...sudah tercatit memory ni dlm diary aku...

I feel Fucking hate !!!!

Aku cuba tuk berbaik2 ma dea...tapi dia tetap tidak bagi aku peluang , dia yg salah...dia tidak mengaku selama ni dia just guna-guna aku tuk lupakan ex lama dia...... sebelum ni aku x pernah sakitkan hati dia.....tiap kesalahan yg dia buat ma aku , aku just maafkan jak....... mcm org buduh aku turut pa yg dia mau.... :'( ,aku berjanji 15/12/2011 aku akan kumpulkan semua barang2 kenangan aku tuk dia......sebab tu barang sayang tuk dibuang aku bagi balik benda yg aku beli khas tuk dia..... and tujuan aku supaya teda sudah barang2 yg buleh ingatkan sal dia..... dia mungkin berbalik ma ex dia....aku mau tinguk pa ya jadi bila ko sendiri tinguk pa yg sudah berubah....harap jan ko menyesal di kemudian hari..... about message awal tadi......thx larh sebab kau agree dgn kuzen kau ...tuk break dgn aku, welll kuzen kau buleh jaga ko kan disini including intro you new thing yg sepatutnya ko x perlu pergi pown (clubbing) moginum lae.....aku terfikir kalau2 ko mabuk tidak sedarkan diri ....then ada guy cuba rosakkan kau .... phew.~~~... tidak dpt terbayang nya mami and daddy kau....aku kesian ma diorang ..sebab penat diorang bekerja cari duit tuk kau...sementara kau p clubbing moginum2 lae harap ko sedar larh if si eka tu buleh jaga ko ,ada cara dia ..memang aku bukan sepa2 tuk nasihat .... aku takut jak urg chap kau kena kejutan dunia , sorry to tell aku dibesarkan di KL so aku taw semua , memang sabah and KL big difference , but once you came and try something negative activity you will never return ........